Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Forecasts and notifications

The IFRC and its science and forecasting partners at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) issue seasonal forecasts for precipitation worldwide for the next three months, and update them every month.

The data is presented as a chart with a colour-coded legend illustrating levels of probability, and Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers can also register for immediate access to email notifications of when (at least a 40 per cent probability) the next three months in a country or region will be unusually wet or dry (click on Notifications Page in the link above).  

You can edit your own notification options whenever you like.

Seasonal forecasts offer a longer lead-time than weather forecasts, enabling disaster managers to prepare. But they should always be supplemented with local forecasts on shorter timescales for detail on when extreme-weather events might occur.

Collaboration with National HydroMet Services and the Red Cross Red Crescent is a key component of effective preparedness and response. A guidance note on effective collaboration between national societies and national hydromet services is available in English here, French here, and Spanish here.

IFRC/IRI map room, meanwhile, includes other forecast products, including El Niño impacts.

The IFRC technical help desk is at