Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Academic engagement

A key role for the Climate Centre in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is to foster evidence-based knowledge that informs action on the ground and provides a basis for good decision-making.

This includes our own working papers and publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

As well as a well-developed programme of collaboration with internships (photo, Amy Quandt, University of Colorado, and Yunus Antony Kimathi in Kenya) the Climate Centre invests in academic collaboration to foster research and build academic capacity for climate risk management.

Climate Centre staff also give lectures on climate risk management and participatory game sessions during graduate courses at numerous universities as well as many academic conferences on risk.

Games developed by the Climate Centre have been integrated into the course work of at least four leading universities in North America and Europe.

Please consult our publications section for links to all our working papers, and the current annual report for full details on our academic engagement and publications.