Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

National Adaptation Plans

Working with the IFRC and the Danish Red Cross, the Climate Centre has been engaged in the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) project aimed at ensuring that the adaptation needs and requirements of communities are at the centre of development planning.

The project, funded by the Danish group Civil Society on Development, is an outcome of the COP 16 and 17 UN climate talks and emphasizes the need for National Societies to engage with governments in focusing on adaptation.

We have developed training modules on humanitarian diplomacy for National Societies intended to influence development in favour of local adaptation, and a briefing paper explains why this is important.

The training material used in workshops by five National Societies has been revised based on the experiences and feedback from participants; exercises and presentations and a guide to facilitating for a full two-day workshop are available.

Training sessions for staff and volunteers have been conducted in Malawi and (photo) Kenya, as well as Armenia, Georgia and Nepal, and action plans on engagement with governments have been drawn up that provide for the formation of NAP task forces; advocacy messages have been identified.

In 2016, representatives from the National Societies of Armencia, Georgia, Kenya, Malawi and Nepal gathered in Marrakech alongside COP 22 for a writeshop to share their experiences and generate case studies showing their involvement with National Adaptation Plans