Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Social protection

For many people in developing countries especially, lives and livelihoods are closely linked to weather and climate.

The aim of climate-related Red Cross Red Crescent work on social protection is to help them – especially the most vulnerable – manage risks in the short term and reduce poverty in the long term.

Social protection policies and programmes are key to an overall strategy to end poverty and build resilience.

Our vision for social protection is that it takes climate risk into account and helps the most vulnerable anticipate, absorb and adapt to climate impacts as part of country-led systems. 

This can be achieved through, for example, better access to climate information, early warning early action and forecast-based action (French), and generally connecting science, policy and practice to social protection.  

The Climate Centre promotes practical action and innovation, mobilizing our networks for better understanding, and improved policies and investments. 

In partnership with the rest of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and other stakeholders, we deliver ‘last-mile’ support through interventions that promote adaptation, reduce gender-based vulnerabilities, and improve livelihoods and the management of natural resources.