Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Minimum standards

The Climate Centre first developed Minimum standards for local climate-smart disaster risk reduction (DRR) in late 2012, testing them in programme planning through the Partners for Resilience (PfR) network in Africa, Asia and Central America and in dialogue with practitioners and policy-makers.

A major revision followed and updated “2.0 standards” were launched at the COP 19 UN climate talks in Warsaw; they are also available in ArabicFrench and Spanish, and have been distributed by PreventionWeb, among others.

The Minimum Standards are intended to be a bridge between national climate policy and local capacity for DRR. 

They are practical approaches, achievable by communities with relatively few external resources, and national actors
 can use them to incorporate community action into national-level adaptation.

"Interactive posters" to apply the Minimum Standards in workshops are available here. Note the first poster is to be used by communities and the second poster is for Civil Society Organisations. 

The Minimum Standards have now been used in all the PfR countries and, for example, by the Philippine authorities in the Metro Manila area for local risk reduction planning.

They are a living document that will be honed by programme experience.

The Australian Red Cross, for example, has expanded the Minimum Standards to include examples of gender-sensitive climate-smart approaches to risk reduction in their Guidance note: Gender and Climate Change.

The Minimum Standards can also be used to shape work plans for projects with a strong climate or DRR component.

An example is a Norwegian-supported adaptation programme in Africa, part of the UN-led Global Framework for Climate Services initiative, where the Climate Centre is supporting the IFRC and helping to contextualize the Minimum Standards for each country.

A brief by PfR partners Wetlands International setting out criteria for the successful integration of ecosystems into resilience work is also available.